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"The pictures we hold within our mind will fill the album of our life''

-Rania DiBacco

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Hiya! I'm Rania.

I'm an author, speaker, creative entrepreneur, and mother - dedicated to helping you create a life you can truly be excited about, through the power of mindset and Sacred Living. 

The only thing standing between 

you & what you desire is ...


After a long journey of running I finally decided to stop allowing fear to control me and welcomed the presence of love, through transforming my mindset and understanding manifestation.


I realized I had to become aware of my internal world. It was my responsibility to guide my emotions and transmute the energy instead of being a victim of my experience. This transformed my life by opening the door to infinite possibilities. Synchronistic opportunities and miracles continued to unfold before me. 

This discovery released me of a 15 year addiction, healed broken relationships, opened me up to love and to be loved.  

My soul purpose is to empower people to live beyond fear, be the expression of love they wish to see in the world, and to create a life that is authentic to the truth of who they are!


Emotions are your Superpower
You are in control.

We have been socially conditioned since the beginning of time to ignore, push down, deny, or compulsively contemplate our emotions. 

This pattern can wreck havoc on your life and body. Manifesting an abundant life full of possibility is impossible with unhealthy coping mechanisms. It creates a society built upon shame, feeling unworthy, and never being good enough to receive the life you dream about or internal experience you desire.

I'm committed to untangling these webs of lies by helping you create a sacred space that will empower you to tune into your emotional body and learn how to harness your energy to create a fulfilling and abundant life.

You were created to love & to be loved.



Shift limiting beliefs & unpleasant emotions to empowering ones so you can manifest your deepest desires from a place of confidence & unshakable faith.



Find alignment with your source to establish a deep connection with yourself & welcome true intimacy within your relationships. 



Release anxiety around uncertainty & fear around money. This will allow you create more income so you can live life on your terms and afford the life of your dreams.

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