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6 Steps to Living a Happier Life

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

There are different pillars in life such as health, relationships, wealth, and spiritual connection that help us find fulfillment.

If we eat healthy we feel great because we are moving toward our health goals. Having meaningful relationships makes us feel supported and loved.

If our happiness relies on external things we will become dependent on something outside of ourselves to make us feel a certain way.

It was difficult for me to find happiness because I thought my life had to look a specific way before I could actually be happy.

Here are 6 steps to create inner happiness that lasts.

Permission to Feel Everything. Emotional intelligence isn't taught in school but it's imperative to live a meaningful life.

We must be willing to feel everything in order to have a healthy emotional body.

Emotions are only energy which seek to be released. Unpleasant emotions are stored within specific organs and impacts our health over time.

This is considered the mind body connection.

During interactions with others try to identify when you may suppress or deny unfamiliar sensations within the body.

These sensations are the path to developing your emotional IQ.

Love Yourself. You can't receive love from another unless you can feel your own. This requires honesty with your transgressions to release suppressed shame and/or guilt.

Forgiveness is the only way to heal the judgement and reconnect with love.

Remind yourself that you would have done better if you knew better for things you've done in the past. Life is a series of experiences that give us the opportunity to learn and grow closer to Love.

There is nothing more beautiful than the person you are internally. There can't be light without the darkness and you can't be you without the aspects of yourself you keep within the dark.

Bring ALL of you to the light of your own love and accept yourself exactly as you are.

You are Divine and so much more than what you believe you are.

Forgive Those Who Have Hurt You. This can seem very hard to do. Deciding to forgive someone doesn't mean what they did is acceptable. It's deciding that you're ready to be free and you won't let the past experience effect your present life.

It's letting go.

When we choose to forgive we are being forgiven because we can only receive what we offer to others. If we won't forgive others we can't forgive ourselves.

Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. It only hurts the person holding on to the past. Practicing forgiveness allows us to find inner peace and welcomes joy into our lives.

Always remember; hurt people hurt people!

Listen to YOUR Heart. The heart will always know more than the mind. When people live with closed hearts they are protecting themselves from pain.

If the heart is closed the mind will be in control. Our minds have been conditioned by past experiences.

It keeps us in familiar territory to protect us from uncertainty.

To feel alive you must learn to listen to your heart and stop listening to the doubts of your mind or opinions of others. No one knows what is best for you except the depths of your heart.

Spend some time alone.


Ask Questions.

LISTEN! You might be surprised.

Practice Gratitude. What we focus on will grow. If we focus on what is wrong we will only feel pain.

Upon awakening remind yourself of everything you are grateful for before thoughts of yesterday's worries creep in.

To feel gratitude within takes practice.

Thank your body for always showing up for you.

Thank your eyes for allowing you to see the beauty in the world.

Thank your heart for loving and receiving the blessing of another day.

Find Reasons to Laugh. At times, our inner voice can become critical and hold us to unrealistic standards. The seriousness overtakes us and we forget to be childlike.

We can learn a lot from a child.

They allow the present moment to engulf them because the worries of the world do not rest upon their shoulders.

Laughing releases emotional stress which enhances our health by helping to prevent stress related illnesses.

The endorphin release will give you an overall sense of wellbeing and help stimulate a more positive outlook.

Take it easy on yourself.

Find peace through laughter.

Question: Which step or steps are you not currently practicing but are willing to try to cultivate more happiness?

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