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A Change In Perspective to Manage Stressful Times.

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

In a moment, life as you know it can change forever.

On Oct 10, 2018 the panhandle had an unwanted guest named Michael. As the strongest storm to make landfall since 1969, I believe the effects of this storm will be felt for years to come.

While it may seem impossible not to be emotionally effected by the destruction Michael left behind, we can use this time of devastation to reflect on what is truly important.

It's easy to become stressed in times like these due to the never ending worry. We think that a job, event, or a person causes us stress but that's not the case.

It's the perception we create that determines our relationship with a perceived “stressor” creating a reality that produces the symptoms of stress.

To end the cycle of stress it is important to shift your perception, learn how to trust in the universe, and practice the art of letting go.

Our perception is shaped by what we chose to focus on. A Course in Miracles defines a miracle as a change in perception.

When we are given the opportunity to view a situation from a different angle we give permission for internal transformation.

I met a family that lived in Cape Sand Blast who lost their home and business.

I told them this is just the end of a chapter and now they can write any story they want for the next.

Since I was the third person to tell them this they internalized it as confirmation to stay in faith.

We must make a conscious choice to see the light while in the dark, acknowledge the Divine in all things, and remember fear is only a barrier to the presence of Love.

Parts of our personality will not like learning through unpleasant experiences but the growth of our soul is what this journey of life is about.

While I acknowledge and honor those who do not believe in God it is nearly impossible to deny the source of life that is within all things.

I call this God.

We may never understand why events damage our land, destroy our personal possessions, or end precious human life but we can trust we are all being taken care of by a higher consciousness.

Not being able to trust this source will leave you at the mercy of trying to control your life.

Since the subconscious mind doesn't like change it uses control as a coping mechanism to create comfort in the midst of uncertainty.

As we allow events to naturally unfold we can clearly see our path without having to create the path.

The renters of the house across the street from my father's home was told by the owner that they couldn't stay in the house during the storm. If the tenants didn't listen and stayed against the owners will no one would have survived.

The roof was ripped off, all windows shattered, and the entire house filled with water.

God spoke through the owner and revealed to them the path that would save their life.

You can't trust unless you learn how to let go and you can't let go until you release judgment.

When we are judging something as bad, shouldn't be happening or should be different we are fighting reality.

This makes it impossible to let go.

Trust is knowing that everything is in Divine order and even though it could be different we accept everything and everyone exactly as is.

Letting go is surrendering to the universe and saying I trust you.

Surrender is the birth of unshakable faith.

To understand your stress ask yourself these questions:

1. Is my current perception based on fear or faith?

2. Where am I not trusting the universe and trying to control the outcome?

3. What repetitive thoughts have consumed my mind and how am I judging that situation?

To relieve anxiety from stress practice breathing in fully and exhaling completely at least 6 times.

I pray your answers and breath work will help you experience more peace in your life.

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